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Since my second surgery I have had leg pain that keeps me awake at night. It is a weird pain...makes me feel like I have to constantly shake my legs and they ache really bad. It's almost like restless leg syndrome. Anyone else had this problem?
Hi Daldridge,
Sorry to hear that you had to back in for another surgery. I hope that this solves your problem long term.
I had L5-S1 fusion 6 weeks ago. The first 3 weeks I experienced what I thought was restless leg syndrome. I could not sleep for that entire time, numb and cold feet, calves simply ached. I would feel better walking around, then get tired calves & feet, so I would lay down. One hour later, same thing. Talk about catch-22!
Good news is, this went away in the 4th week and no problems since.
If someone can massage your calves and feet, this definitely helped me.
Good luck.
The calf and foot pain may be due to not being able to walk around enough to establish adequate circulation in your lower legs. Once I was able to walk a decent distance and get some endurance being on my feet, that's when the aches, pain and numbness went away. A little bit of pain for long term gain! You may want to try the type of socks that diabetics wear to maintain lower leg circulation.
Take care.
Sounds like nerve pain to me. If it continues.. I would call your surgeon to discuss the pain you are having and might be able to provide you with nerve medication to calm things down for you.j

I have the nerve pain myself, I am almost 15 weeks post fusion at L4/L5. PT is helping in reducing the pain. It comes and goes, but is no where near as bad when it first started.

Hope this helps and I hope you get some relief. Take care. Tammy:wave:
Now I've been having sensations in my feet and legs that are like getting shocked or like something biting me. I guess this is the nerves?
My husband had spinal fusion 2 1/2 years ago and is having this now! It comes and goes sporadically but is terrible at night and he doesnt sleep much. We are going to a neurologist on Wednesday so if he says anything worthwhile I will repost. My husband has tried a variety of "nerve" medicines. We have been told post surgically by other doctors other than the surgeon, of course, that it is nearly impossible to "fix" all symptoms after back surgery...His quality of life has improved very little-he has difficulty mainaining the other things that might improve the quality of life , such as diet etc, since he is so uncomfortable much of the day...

I am going thru the same issue. I am 7 weeks post op from TLIF 2 level fusion. My doctor has done every test and cannot find cause. I have to get up and walk when it gets too much. It usually helps but there are nights where nothing seems to help except taking an Ambien to fall asleep and relax my whole body. My doctor feels that it may be a nerve that was being compressed by disk and is now recovery. He said we'll wait 1 more month to see how its doing. It sucks cause now I have a weak leg due to this pain. The only thing I can think that would help is walking to help it out.
Sorry to hear about your leg pain. I had pain in my left leg, quads, for several weeks after my surgery. The doctor told me it was from them stretching my nerves out. So I had alittle nerve damage. So he ordered me a tenes unit. Which helped alittle. It sends or blocks pain to the nerve. You might mention that to your doctor. Most insuraces will cover it.
Best of luck

The pain clinic I've been going too finally found out what the pain stems from...I have scar tissue rubbing against a nerve. Thank God someone finally found out!
Hi there,
I have had the same problems after fusion in April. I was...diagnosed with restless leg syndrome...dr. prescriped a med called like a charm. Hope this helps!

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