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Hey Ya'll.

Recap: LB injury 8/05 with sciatica down both legs. 9/05 started having neck, upper back, left arm pain, headaches, blurred vision, numbness and tingling in hands, bladder and sexual dysfunction, followed by weakness in arms and legs, then tremors in legs, then hands, then head, and from occasionally to all the time. Family history of brain cancer. Primarily suspected was MS brought on by the accident, but WC refused to pay for testing. Months later I went to NY for tests due to insurance issues.

Well, I had an appointment this morning with my urologist to go over the MRIs and he basically said that he can't do anything for me based on the neurologists findings until and unless someone addresses my spinal/nerve impingement problems. Even then he doesn't hold out much hope of my ever regaining full bladder again, but said a several years from now once the neurosurgeon has done all he can do, then he will test me for a pacemaker for my bladder to help me at least empty it. I may just have to live with the stress incontenance and sexual dysfunction. Major bummer.

So I went to my orthopedic doctor this afternoon to discuss the MRIs and neurologists findings only to be told that he didn't have the films yet and the reports didn't tell him enough, but he refuses to back me up even now in light of the MRIs and say that my neck was injured along with my lower back. He kept telling me that Workers' Comp won't let him treat my neck. I guess he's one of those doctors who just can't admit to it when he might have been wrong. So then I start telling him what the neuro recommended: 1) get into gentle PT with cervical traction; 2) see a neurosurgeon to establish a relationship and have him follow me over the next several years, etc. I thought my ortho was going to have a stroke! He said, "Fine! Why don't you just let the neurosurgeon treat you for everything. There's no need to pay two of us." I replied, "Workers' Comp is going to pay for whatever it needs to pay for. I'm not footing the whole bill for my work related injury." Gees, the guy just said that he couldn't treat my neck and then he takes offence when I tell him what the other guy said for me to do about it!?!? :blob_fire

This has not been my day. Thank God for you. I know you all understand the pain and frustration. Thanks for letting me vent.

God bless. :angel:


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