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I'm not sure if this post belongs here but here goes.

4 years ago I was diagnosed with sciatica I had pain a lot of pain. Over the next few years I would get numbness in both outer thighs when I would sit for too long or even just walking through the store. It however didn't bother me too much.

This past year has gotten worse, I have pain in my feet mainly getting out of bed in the morning and last until I walk for awhile. However, my feet are starting to hurt more and more thoughout the day.

The numbness is happening more often as well, not just when I sit but even when I lay down too and when I walk.

I also have bladder problems, I was diagnosed with Cystitis 3 years ago but now it seems I have to go more and more. I am now wondering if it more related to my back, leg and feet problems.

Any information would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
Thank you for your help. At this time I do not have numbness anywhere but my outer thighs. I do have pain in my feet though. If this is a disc problem do I have to have surgery? are there any other ways to solve the problem?

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