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Hi Sanking111,
No, it's not a silly question! We're the ones sitting at home in a lot of pain just wanting answers and relief! It's so frustrating when you don't get that promised call. I try to keep in mind that it might be something as simple as the doctor's office is having a really busy day. Especially with the specialists, they're dealing with a lot of patients who are at a higher need already. Not to justify doctors who don't call back when they should. Some of them just don't get it, but some of them are truly just backed up. It could also be that he actually doesn't have all the results yet himself. I had one test that should have come back in a week, but when I had my follow up appt, the doc still didn't have it. He went into the computer system and it wasn't there yet, called the office where I had the test done himself while I was there, and it wasn't ready yet. Grrr! Anyway, please don't let yourself get anxious over it. You have enough to be dealing with without getting anxious before you know what's up. (I know, easy to say...)

Susie Q, thanks for your excellent advice. I've seen a lot of your posts as I've browsed around on the board for the past week or so. I appreciate your encouragement to so many people. That's a great suggestion, to get copies of your reports yourself!

Good luck, Sanking111. Let us know what happens.

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