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Hi all,
Have posted several times previously, but this is a really important post for me. Briefly: fell almost 4 yrs. ago. herniated C5/6 (acdf 1/04), ongoing lower back and leg pain, intermittent cervical symptoms. Sorry this is so long, I have put the results of MRI's at the end of post....they are showing differernt things...or not....need your help in making decisions...or suggestions...thanks to all.

ok, here's my current problem:

Have been in Pain Management for my lower back for over a year. Have had several MRI's in the past 2 years for the lumbar, cervical, and what the heck they threw in a thorax MRI (little expensive, don't you think) My problems started approx. four years ago, after I took a bad fall.

Every MRI comes up with a different diagnosis, even the one I had 2 weeks after the MRI at the Mayo Clinci. HOW can that be????
The neurosurgeon was looking for compression in my spine, due to a lot of my symtoms, but it didn't show up on the Mri's. But, other stuff did show up. During my last appt. with my Pain Mgmt. Dr., his attitude felt different...he said that because I had not done overly well with the Epidurals (they only worked for a short period of time, the best one was the transforaminal, at the site of the lateral herniation in my lumbar area), he increased my oxycodone 10/325 to allow me to take it 4 times a day ( I try to take it only 3 times a day, except for increased pain, you know, those really bad days) I was told that by my next appt. my pain levels had to be down to 1 or 2, (that doesn't happen...maybe a 4 or 5...rarely no pain) OR,
1. we find another neurosurgeon who will investigate (I do have lateral herniation touching nerve, but my syptoms are more to the right side than the left)...and other little goodies in the lumbar area)
2. continue with medications, to control the pain
3. have the pain stimulator device placed in my back (this is not something I want to do, after reading up on it, I try to stay active, and when I have one of those "good" days, I tend to overdo it, I'd probably pull the leads out or something like that.....I drive long distances, and it says something about not doing that....also have had abdominal adhesions in the past, and do not want to cause them to return.
4. find a new pain mgmt. Dr., because my current Dr. has tried everything...(geez, what about a discgram?, I'd be willing to do that, if it helps diagnose pain and symptoms, know they hurt, but if it solves the problem of what's causing pain, I'd do it.) He also stated that maybe new Dr. might have different ideas.

I felt so abandonded...I've done everything asked, taken meds., which I was totally afraid of, had side effects from them, but did it anyway, had all of the injections...etc. My current Dr. is the one who has stood by me up until this time...felt that he was my he's had it, burnt out...

MRI of lumbar 6/14/06 Lumbrosacral area
L4/5 left intraforaminal disc herniation with moderate to marked impingment of the left sided neural foramen. Minimal disc bulges at L2/3, L3/4 and L5/1 Moderate facet arthropathy at L5/S1. Mild facet arthropathy is present elsewhere in lumbosacral spine. Mild facet joint enhacement compatible to mild facet synovitis at L5/S1 bilaterally Min. facet enhancement is present elsewhere in lumbrosacral spine. Mild discogenic degeneration is otherwise present throughout visualized spine with T2 signal loss of disc spaces...compatable with disc desiccation multilevel mild schmoral's nodes throughout visualized spine. presumed small vertebral hemangion is present at T11.

Cervical MRI 6/15/06
Fused C5/6 area (ACDF 1/04)
Small herniated disc is present at T2/3, left paracentral, with small extruded fragment. Minimal endplate spur and disc bulge iat C3/4, min. disc bulges at C6/7 and C4/5. Vertebral hemangiomas at C7, T2 & T3. (when I had the ACDF on C5/6, I had been through a lot of problems getting a diagnosis, they discovered a far lateral herniation at time of surgery, which hadn't shown up on any test..MRI, CT, X-ray...milogram etc. Surprised them...even the neurologist didn't find anything wrong...)

MRI Thoracic Spine 6/29/06
T1/2 normal
T2/3 normal - how can that be??? prev. MRI showed herniation????
normal right throut T11/12...min. central osteophyte or disc slightly encroaching upon thecal sac without lateralizing component or effect on cord

Have more MRI's taken in the last year, but they are basically saying opposite stuff to each other too....

Stupid question, what happened to T2/T3 on 6/15 MRI, on the second MRI????

As you can see this is very frusterating, and upsetting...I don't want to go to another PM dr......I just want to get out of pain...

I thank you all for reading this, and for any answers you may have to offer, I am just felling so discouraged this week, I have to have answers by my appt. later on this month, and I just don't have any. This board is great, the support, information and just "being there for each other".


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