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Thank you Michelle & Sandi for your replies.
I have been going to my Dr.s for the past 1 1/2 regarding my lower back....& more recently for my returning neck and shoulder ache. I was referred back to my spine neurosurgeon, who does deal only in spines, last year...he said that my pain in the lower back should be more painful on the left side...and to return when and if it does affect that side more...until then he can't help me....this spring I was referred to another neurosurgeon...who seems to be looking for compression in my spine to explain my symptoms.
The MRI's that I have had all seem to vary in the diagnosis...which is driving everyone up the compression the 2nd neuro. seems to have lost interest, after he spoke with my Pain Mgmt. Dr., he also seems to have distanced himself...or so it seems from my last visit...very discouraging.
I am going to ask him about the discogram at my next visit....also, because some of the MRI's seem to suggest facet arthritis, I will ask about possible pain from them.... I do not want to be on medications - but I really have no choice, quality of life issues. I do have to be very careful about the steroids, because of previous injections, & use, my adrenal glands have been insuffient...and I take meds. for them...(fortunately, they are recovering...but I have not been able to have any more injections since last year---I was very sick, and the drs. could not figure out why...even my heart had been affected by the lack of hormones from the adrenal glands...finally my husbands endro. dr. figured it all out...he is so observant & smart!!)
I will ask my PM dr. if maybe the discogram will be something we should try....I will suffer anything short term...just to resolve all of this..and hopefully "get back to my life!!"
I'm just so concerned about my next visit to my Pain mgmt. dr...I felt like he was giving me warning that he is going to drop me...and I've been going to him for over 3 years...(for my cervical spine first...and now the lower back...and all of this was due to a fall...) I feel abandonded already.

I appreciate all of your advice....and for your concern. Just for being there and understanding what I'm going through. The people on this board are wonderful...because they care and undertand what it is like ....thank you all!


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