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Hi everyone-
I am 5 weeks todayafter 360 degree surgery for L4/L5/S1 with hardware and BMP. I have had a terrible time with nerve pain. Yesterday I was describing my foot pain to the doc-it was like haveing sunburn on top of my feet-if I moved my feet it felt like the skin would burst open. My original sciatic trouble was on my right side only so thats where I have the cages-but both legs have been affected. They really move around alot of stuff in there during the surgery-I also see my doctor every week when I go in-not just the PA. He upped my neurontin from 1600 to 2400mg. My feet are so much better today!!!! I also slept for 7 hours straight without waking up once-first time in 5 weeks!!!! My husband was teasing me about being Sleeping Beauty! Don't rush your recovery. Everyday is different. Medicate what you can and wait it out. The nerves are going to calm down in their own time. I wanted to go back or work from home after 4 weeks but when the four weeks got here I said no way-not ready to work on anything but building this bionic body back up!
Praying for your recovery!

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