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My low back pain started 3 and 1/2 yrs. ago and I never thought much of it. Then I started getting aggravated because I too, started having problems standing for too long. I could shop around in a store for an hour until I could stand no more & it was very painful just to get in & out of the car. This waxed and waned for a while. Then started getting worse. I casually mentioned it to my rheumy who at first thought I just having muscle spasms. I also have lupus, but that doesnt usually affect the spine. He gave me different things to try, including lidocaine patches, which seemed to work for a while. And he gave me lidocaine injections, which also helped a bit. But over time the pain got worse & worse until I could no longer stand or walk more than a minute or 2 and I suddenly began having excruciating, sharp, stabbing, lightning like pain deep in my lower spine. When that happened, my doc had me get an MRI..and lo and behold I ended up having DDD, osteoarthritis, 2 herniated discs, one torn disc, and severe lumbar spinal stenosis. I can no longer even walk upright and I have scheduled surgery for Sept. as I can't live this like anymore and I'm only 37. Never in my wildest nightmares did I ever think I would turn out having all these problems going on and progressively getting worse. (It all started while I was also having a lupus flare & was odd to me b/c never before in my life did I have back problems - never with other flares.)

I had also put off going to doctors or wait til I'm in sheer agony cause I also felt like i was just complaining. It's not really worth worrying about that because you never know what could be going on with you or if it will progress to something more serious. My pains were on and off for 2 yrs, then suddenly got really bad and got worse pretty quickly over the past yr to yr 1/2. Please don't worry about what the doc will think....just get yourself checked and ask him any questions you may have

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