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Hey guys

Just an insight first....I injured my back by a fall early May. MRI shows L4/L5 annuler bulge compressing on both L5 nerve roots and annular bulge at L3/L4 and L5/S1 with no compression. I have wicked back pain and sciatic pain in both legs but primarly the left.....EMG show left leg nerve damage also

Now I am expirencing hip pain on the left side and right side just like sciatica very annoying also like all back related pain my question my all of a sudden am I getting that pain? did my L5/S1 impinge on nerve?

I see my neuro again 9/8 so we'll see where we go from there

I had a epidoral injection early June all it did was cause more pain now I take Flexeral and Vicodin ES.....I'd like to ask for Oxycontin when I see my Dr. because the ES only works an hour or 2 thenI have to wait in pain for 4 more hours until I can take another ES pill plus I am not to keen on 750 mg Tylenol

Thanks for listening

wow, susieg thank you for your concern and story. I also am sorry for your pain! It sounds like you have had a rough 3 years.....

I am on Flexeral which help very much for sleeping. I can't take it during the day it's a little drowsey and makes you a bit on the dopey side....I have had one ESI treatment but it failed and I think it did more harm then any good.

My neurosureon is quite conservative suprisenly I don't think he wants to cut at all unless obsolutely necessary so I do trust him so far....He has said my main problem could very well be fragments of my disc loose which makes sense. A MRI doesn't quite pick up on that. I am going to suggest a discogram because I believe that will be the verdict of what's really going on.

The worst thing of this whole situation is the timing is awful.....My wife and I are having our first son due 10/17 so my wife being 7.5 months and me w/ my back well you can imagine how hard it is. Even if I do need any type of surgery I have to wait awhile due to my son coming int the world soon.....

Anyway things are a bit rough now! I do hope you take care of yourself and thank you again for your concern and for listening especially!!! :)

Thank you much and God Bless! Mark

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