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Hi Everyone, I had my microdiscectomy on 8/22 and just last night started feeling pain in my back with some radiating down my leg. I'm at the week and half point and have been walking several times each day. Last night I actually went out to eat with my wife and it was good to get out. I think sitting for the hour and half might not have been such a good idea now. I hope my recent discomfort is from the nerve "waking up".

My nerve was very compressed from the disc rupture, the Dr said it was strawberry red and the nerves are supposed to be a light tan color. He said it takes about a month for 1 inch of nerve to heal and I could expect some pain occasionally as it heals. The other symptom I'm experiencing is that my mid-section is sore (stomach and lower back muscles). I think it is from laying around for almost two weeks then finally using my abs and back to sit during dinner last night. Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks everyone for sharing their experiences and I hope you all get the relief you have been looking for.

Hi , I had surgery on 7-27-06 for l5-s1 discectomy. The first 4 weeks were great. Besides the soreness from surgery. But now I have been experiencing lots of back pain, burn mostly when I lie down which makes sleep difficult to impossible. I have experienced similar pain before surgery along with leg pain.Now I dont have leg pain just back pain, worst while trying to sleep. Im on lots of meds but am extremely frustrated and depressed. Any opinions or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.

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