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I'm not real sure WHY but sometimes your problem just doesn't show up on the MRI. Eample...12 years ago I have a ruptured disk and God only knows why it wasn't caught but I ended up having to go out of state to one of the finest doctors and a very well known hospital. He found my disk problem. I had a diskectomy and did very well with minimal invasive surgery. Stayed in hospital overnight and came by to my home state. It was only 12 years later that I started having trouble again but this time a neurosurgeon that still practices but just doesn't do surgery anymore asked for an MRI. He saw a couple of things on the MRI and referred me to a very well known practicing orthopedic surgeon. That orto doctor saw stuff that was truely going on, that the neuro did not see. I partically asked if he saw any arthritis and he told me NO. But the ortho surgeon and the new practicing neuro-surgeon that are both well known and been surgeon for years with a great practice and client load saw the arthritis, scolosis. leg shorter than other, 2 ruptured disk, 1 and possible 2 mroe buldging disk with spondolysis, DJD, DDD, and stenosis. In which I am 2wk post op of a 2 level fusion w/hardware and decompression. The nerve that was pinched was causing me so much trouble I first started w/nerve med and 4 epidural injections. 3 for the spine and 1 for the transverse process that had grown to the illium. (hip) So not all doctors see everything nor do all tests show all. Sometimes you just have to get another test or redo the same one. I know this didn't sound very encouraging but just wanted you to know that machines are just like humans imperfect. Good luck with everything and keep us posted.

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