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Hello lorie - Hello All-
At the risk of being a total bore since I feel I have told my story over and over - I'll chime in again because my experience was a bit different. I had xrays done monthly and each month my doc told me my fusion 'looked good'. At 10 months I pulled the plug and told him I didn't feel good and I wanted the reason found. Doc did not resist me at all and ordered a Ct scan , new MRI and a bone scan. I did not have any insurance issues but that is likely due to the fact that I have great insurance? Doc then went on vacation. I decided to get copies of my reports and the Ct scan report said - based upon a review of all of my xrays that clearly showed the development of fusion bone and then its gradual disappearance, and what was seen on the Ct scan (no eveidence of any fusion bone), I had a non-union. The MRI report was less clear and mostly said distortion and scar tissue development interfered with the ability to determine 'the degree of fusion'. Finally, the bone scan said NON-UNION - no evidence of any bony fusion at this time.
I'll skip the inbetweens. I asked my new surgeon prior to my revision surgery which tests were best. He said in a case like mine all tests were legitimate since none are perfect BUT a Ct scan and especially a bone scan are considered the best and usually justified whenever a non-union is suspected but not clearly evident on xray and MRI.
Lorie, just so you know, as a second fusion patient my new doc said he will not declare or accept me as 'fused' until he has xrays showing a growing fusion and a bone scan at 12 months that indicates the fusion is 'solid'.
Best of luck - Suzy-Q

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