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I had my L5/S1 fusion on 6/19 and am so happy that I had it. As Tammy mentioned, I was in no pain when I woke up. I was so out of it for the first few hours that I don't remember much of anything. I did enjoy the pain pump at first but after a while it wasn't helping as much and they began giving me percocet.

I also can relate to what Tammy said about how you do something and suddenly feel like you won a gold medal because you haven't been able to do it in such a long time. I feel the exact same way. For a year I had such a hard time walking, my left leg went numb within minutes of standing or walking and it got to the point where I didn't want to do anything, go anywhere. I'm only 34 for goodness sake and couldn't even enjoy shopping!
Now I walk every single day and absolutely love it! I joked with my brother who lives in Florida (I live in Seattle, WA) that one of these days I'm going to be like Forrest Gump and just keep right on walking and who knows, maybe I'll show up at his door step. :)

Take care & hang in there!

You asked, How do you handle vomitting? Vomitting is usually an involuntary action, and when it comes on, you deal with it as you normally would surgery or not. It is fairly common for people to react to anesthesia and if you do, you need to let them know about it ahead of time. I did not have any issues vomitting after the surgery. (The time I vomitted was after the discogram and they shot me with morophine, then gave me percocet 5 minutes before I was discharged. That mix, I threw up for almost 24 hours before it subsided, and with the discogram pain.. it was not fun. But I survived it.) Actually it didnt hurt the back too much because i remembered to keep it as guarded as I could (something we chronic back painers learn). It took more of a toll on my stomach muscles and upper body back muscles than the lower back.

You asked, Are legs numb after surgery? Well that depends on the person. We are all different and it is certainly not a typical and expected post surgery effect. I had one leg that was numb, and it was temporary and it was not that bad. It felt weird, but I could move it and all and walk on it fine.

You asked, Are you on meds to ease pain? Yes, but not the leg pain, unless of course you were to have leg pain. I didnt have leg pain after sugery in the hospital. The sciatic pain I had before surgery was GONE! No leg pain anymore, no butt pain, no lower back pain.. ALL GONE! My left leg was numb in spots from the surgeon working on my back from that side. It irritated the nerve a bit and thus causing a bit of the numbness due to irritiation. It's better now.

You asked, Is the Pain like Sciatic Pain or Different? Any pain I had from the surgery is/was NOT like the sciatic pain. The sciatic pain I had was worse then the surgery pain. I honestly felt better after the surgery and still do! I have never broken a bone before in my life, but I would imagine that the surgery would feel much like someone breaking a bone and it healing. You get aches and pains, it comes and goes, but it is never a drop to your knees kind of pain. I had a few sharp pains getting in and out of bed the first few weeks and rolling over was a bit tough, but compared to the pain I was in.. it was much more tolerable.

Hope this helps. Take care. Tammy:wave:

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