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I am going to be having an emg for the lumbar spine. Where exactly do they stick the needles. I am not exactly looking forward to this test.....but I am being oh such a cooperative patient.

I am not terrified or anything but I am not enthusiastic about this either. Oh well...sigh The only thing that bothers me is the test can have false negatives up to 40% and the fact that there probably isn't a thing that can be done for me other than pain management. Arachnoiditis is the tenative diagnosis at this time. I should be getting my medical diploma shortly for all the reading I have done. Just think what a great resource I can be on this board.

My ct scan was a mess to read and I doubt that my mri will be any different. Trouble is my old surgical steel screws vs the newer titanium ones. So diagnosis is difficult and besides that the ortho hasn't even returned my calls or given me any info and my mri was 4 weeks ago.

That is life in the big city in Canada where top doctors have more patients than they can handle. You always get treatment and it doesn't cost you anything more than your taxes but it can be a long wait for non life threatening situations. I digress exactly where do they stick me with needles???


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