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There is a loss of disc space height and signal at L1-2,L4-5 AND L5-S1. Large rightparacentral disc herniation at L5-S1 impinging upon the right S1 nerve root.Disc bulge with annualr tear at L4-L5 with some mild left foraminal narrowing.Left paracentral protrusion with annular tear at T12-L1 CAUSING LOW BACK SCIATICA PAIN....This was the MRI I had done a couple of years ago....I just had another one and the Doctor said yup..."Same places but worse".Whatever that means.... Then he went into the whole "you are a perfect candidate for the spinal decompression" bit.The problem I have is after I stand for more than about 10 minutes my left leg starts to go numb and then tingles to the tips of my toes and then the burning pain begins.Turning excruciating!!!! I then sit down for a minute or so and the pain goes away....Unfortunately my family has a history of DDD to the point where my mother has been on disability with it for over 13 years.I am 37 and don't think I want to go on disability(ever).So I need to know where to begin in the least invasive way first.Then working up to the most drastic.Help!!!! Thanks Randy

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