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:wave: Hi Mamma,
I certainly hope you are feeling a bit better today. Did they ever determine why you were running such a high fever?
When I had the first myelogram, it was painful and part of it was because of the needle hitting the nerve, but the balance was because of the pressure type pain like you were describing, and the dye not getting past two points in my spinal cord ( L3-4 and L4-5). There was just a tiny, thin, little line where it tried to go past there,even after sitting upright for 20 minutes.
I hope it helps them figure out why I am still having such major pain. My fusion was almost 6 months ago and it doesn't appear that there is any bone growth, at least from what I can see.
I am frustrated and disappointed with the results from the surgery so far.:blob_fire
Yesterday , it was like someone had shot electric bolts from the middle of my back, down both legs to my feet at the same time. What's weird though, is one leg I had to keep bent to relieve some of the pain and pressure and the other one I had to keep perfectly straight.......:confused:
I will see the surgeon on Friday again, and then I hope to have a better idea about why things are not progressing in a positive direction.

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