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I have SIJD and many of the exercises the Doctors and PTs have you do may not be right for the low back pain one experiences. Plus they don't tell you how to avoid the joint from slipping and how to get it back in by yourself.

It all has to do with supporting the front of the pelvis with the ab muscles whenever you have to stand up, like from a bed, a chair etc. Also you must absolutely avoid going up or down stairs as this puts uneven pressure on the joints with each hip flexion. It is the pelvic tilting down in front that allows the back to ride up or for one side of the joint to become misaligned. You use the ab muscles to hold it up and at the same you tuck your buttocks in.

You must also take a close look at the rest of your posture, do you slouch, project your head forward, drop your shoulders, because all of this affects the pelvis. And yes, it is mostly about the ligaments being stretched when the pelvis is dysfunctional as it is this situation that stretches the muscles, nerves and nerve roots. Typically if you have a buldging L4-5 disc and no SIJD problem, strong ab muscles, you still will not have the pain. But toss in weak abs, bad posture, and even mild trauma to the pelvis, this will affect the nerves and you'll probably get sciatic pain. Fix the pelvis, your pain goes away. I know, this was me. I had the buldging L4-5 and the nerve root at S1 was being infringed upon, and I was getting it all, plus pelvic floor numbness, bladder and bowel problems, sciatica, (sciatica because it tends to run through the periformis muscle which gets stretched or misaligned) foot drop, pain in the buttocks and hips. By doing special exercises and working on the abs and my pelvic tilt, the pain was gone in two days. I did the exercises every two hours and self-corrected my pelvis whenever I slipped, which was often for the first 10 days. And I also purchased a Lumbarsacro wrap to sleep in because I was slipping out while I slept. Kalindra really helped me with getting a handle on this problem and I am told it will take up to a year to get my ligaments tight again. ( I have had this problem for about 9 months and only been doing the fix to the SIJD for the last 2.5 weeks)

It also helps if when sitting down, use a towel folded to about 1.5 inches thick and lay this under the mid part of your thighs so it will take the pressure off the backside where you sit. Then it won't go numb or put pressure on the sacrum.

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