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Hey all. A couple of months ago I posted a thread about the system, Dynesys. I didn't get any replies and I thought maybe the point of the post was overlooked by questions I asked at the end of it. So let me try again and I'll try to be more to the point.

I had Charite` artificial discs put in at L4-5 and L5-S1 on April 1st last year. I got to go back to work for 6 months before I started having problems again. My spine surgeon says that it is the facet joints that are torn and so I have lost the stability of the L5 vertebra causing excruciating pain in my low back, buttocks and legs to my feet. I haven't worked since early Jan and rarely go out of my apartment because it is so painful to walk or drive. I live alone though so I have to do for myself. My spine dr has proposed installing the Dynesys rods to take the pressure off of the facet joints. And while I won't be able to return to my job I will get to do things that I can't do now. I am in a lot of pain and want to get off pain meds. But I can't find any data on this Dynesys system and when I saw my spine dr Mon. he said that there isn't any data that he had available for situations like mine, though he is going to attend the Spine Surgeons National Society conference this week and he would inquire with other surgeons there about their experience with this system. I'm a special case with extenuating circumstances... not quite the way I wanted to be considered "special".

Anyway, if any of you have had this done or if you know of anyone who had this done could you please let me know how it has affected the quality of life for yourself or others. Thanks a whole bunch and I appreciate any insight that is offered. It's getting tough just sitting/laying here day after day after day. Thank goodness they have me on Elavil. My best to all.


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