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I don't know if this is your case, but I know that prior to having my fusion my spine was "instable" and I was told that was the cause of the pain (I think some of it was from the slipped discs that were rubbing against each other, for me. The fusion, which is what would stablize everything, would hopfully easy up on the pain. Once the fusion failed, I was once again "instable" and in pain. This time it was the rubbing of the vertabraes as well as the screws moving around.

So, I can see how the instable spine would cause pain and then would be pain free (or less pain) with the stabnlization. As far as your Dr. saying the the disc above is "gone" and the film interpretation saying it was is understandable that you would get both of those ideas. First, each of the films (xray and Mylogram show things differently. some types of films show certain problems clearer than others, and with 2 different people reading each...they really could be saying the same thing in different wording. Also, I have been reminded that the interpretation on the radiology reports are not always accurated. The Dr. that specializes in the spine is the best person to interpret the report.

I hope that helps,

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