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Hi. This is my first post here. I am so glad to find this place. I used to use another message board and somehow it just disappeared. Anyway-

I have had two L5/S1 surgeries, one in 2004 and one in 2005. The second one was a 5 1/2 hour surgery that should have been 2 hours. The scar tissue from teh first surgery was the worst this University Doc. had ever seen. The scar tissue had wrapped itself around the nerve, completely encasing it. Well, I'm a year out from that surgery and still in daily pain. While I'm not on the major pain killers, I am still taking them.

In the past year, I have done everything right, and then some. I've lost 26lbs. I've incorporated MUCH healthier eating habits. I walked up to 3 miles a day, did my PT exercises like a good little girl. And yet-

About a month ago, I noticed symptoms that had held pretty steady, worsen. I had a bout with bladder trouble (which was present before second surgery) and at the same time started to get that old familiar numbness creaping from butt down leg and shooting pain to foot. My back was tight. So I cut waaaay back on my walking...back to 1/4 mile and it's holding steady again. But I cannot tell you how upsetting it was when my doctor just ordered an MRI and it shows another herniated disc at the same place. I absolutely cannot believe it.

I am healthier by far than I've been in my life. I've adopted a vegetarian lifestyle, cut out white flour, soda pop, and now eat lots of whole grains and nuts, seeds, vegies and fruits. It just seems unfair that there isn't a payoff. No one told me there would be. But I just believed that these surgeries were a wake-up call. I vowed to be a healthier person living a healthier life. And I have.

So now, I will go through another bunch of PT as the doctor ordered, but feel pretty hopeless that anything will work. BUt I DO NOT want another surgery. I wonder if there is anything legitimate that is an option for me. If not, I might as well just book surgery every summer for the rest of my life because I seem to build scar tissue and herniate a disc at a rate of once every twelve months.

When the nurse called to tell me about the MRI results she said the report didn't say how bad the bulge is. It did say that it wasn't impinging a nerve. She said she wished it was written so real people could read it. So I asked her to send me a copy. I think it sounds strange that the doctor who read it wouldn't say if it was "tiny" or "huge" or anything to indicate what I can expect.

I guess I'm here to rant and rave. I think i've survived thus far, thanks to denial. Denial is a wonderful lets you believe that only so many sh***y things can happen to one person and then fate will take a turn with someone else. It lets you believe that if you just learn your lesson and don't take your health for granted, that you will HAVE health. And it lets you have hope, when everything within you is falling apart. The problem is, that when reality smacks you in the face, in the form of an MRI, it really knocks you to the ground.

If anyone has advice on non-surgical methods I might try, I'm open to just about anything that is legitimate. I'm not even sure that surgery should be called "legitimate"...for me anyways.

Sorry for the not-so-happy post. I'm really not always like this!

Thanks in advance,


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