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Re: Nothing works
Sep 18, 2006
Thank you both for responding. You are right when you say that it gets discouraging to the point of depression when you can't find anything to relieve the pain or get in a position to relieve the pain. I could identify with you, Baybreeze, in that you try to get into different positions for short periods of time to relieve the pain. Yes, I do have herniated discs -4 and 5-- and my sciatic nerve is being pinched off where it goes through the pelvic bone. I guess I used the wrong word usage when I indicated that spinal stenosis was a cop out because one physician told me that it is the general term used for most back problems similar to mine but none of the physicians can figure out why my lower back pain has moved to my hip and then to my ribcage which they say is unusual. By the way, the pain in my ribcage is not close to the spine. It is at the bottom of my ribs under my left arm. Yes, I had two steroid shots a month apart. They dulled the pain for about a week and then it slowly grew back to its original intensity. I am supposed to have another one at the end of this month. I do have a good doctor to fall back on if I decide the only way is surgery because my mother-in-law had the surgery about 5 years ago and he is an excellent surgeon. I just want to find out if there is anything else I can try FIRST. Good luck on your surgery, Baybreeze.

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