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I guess I have posted before--but anyway this is a new problem. July 3rd I had surery on my lower back(L3/4 L4/5) Interbody insrumentation and the whole works! Now I am having pain in the middle of my back and up high.(I can even feel a buldge in my upper spine)I am so afraid that from all the rods ect. that they put in my lower back may have caused problems with the rest of my spine. Anyone have any problems like this? I also started having more pain where the hardware is and its been three months. I was expexting to be better by now. babyboomer
I was fused L4-S1 in Feb. I also started having pain in my upper back after fusion. I was worried my thoracic was going bad. I found out that it was hurting because I was not bending or using my lumbar for anything. I was in the brace for 12 weeks and then after I got it off I still didnt do any bending at the lumbar.

I am now working on my lumbar range of motion and my upper back no longer hurts. When I was not using my lower back, my upper back was doing all the work. I was getting stiff and sore in my middle and upper back. Are you in PT yet?

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