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[QUOTE=dustbegone]I've been diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome, and S I Joint Dysfunction. The pain has yet to go away and it's been over 2 yrs. I've had days where my back and hip/butt aren't in spasm for the whole day. Those are what I describe as good days. I can't sit for a long time, I can't stand for a long time. I get 'stuck' when I lean forward. (in the garden) My right leg will feel heavy like a tree stump that I am just draggin along. There's been all kinds of issues that have stemmed from this. I've have an MRI and X Rays. All Negative. The only thing that has helped were cortisone injections in my piriformis muscle, ilosopoas muscle, si joint and hip. And that managed to calm things down to a tolerable pain. As far as disc problems, I didn't have any back in 7/04. But I have heard that the Piriformis Syndrome and S I Dysfunction can cause disc problems.[/QUOTE]

90% of the PT out there, plus the same number of Doctors I might add, don't have a clue on what SIJD is, or how to actually fix it. How did the injury occur with you Dust? Did you fall a few years ago? I got this malady from a bump on the tip of my left femur when it was not weight-bearing, in mid-step.

And it has more to do with the ligaments being stretched and the fact that your ab muscles aren't engaging when you stand up. When they don't engage, your pelvis drops in front and the self-bracing mechanism of the pelvic girdle disappear. This causes the SI joints to spread, which stretches muscles and nerves. LIke the sciatic nerve. This nerve also passes through (usually) the periformis muscle and it is this that brings on sciatica. The problem most people have is getting the SIJ back where it belongs because the exercises out there don't address it. To curtail the pain you absolutely have to get the SIJs back into a corrected state. I myself have had this for only 9 months and have only for 1 month been addressing it with special exercises. I do them two to three times a day, which stopped the low back pain in two days. I have to be careful about how much I do right now, because it can take up to a year or more for the ligaments to heal. Look at the exercises I've described and do them every 3 hours for a week and see if it helps you. They can't hurt you or your back, they were prescribed by a PT specifically for doing self-corrections for SIJD. And strengthen the abs to hold your pelvis up, do mini crunches, raising the upper body up only a few inches from the floor.

Plus, ditch the chiros, and seek out a Physiatrist who can deal with the muscles and bones of the body.

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