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Hi all

I had my facet joints injected nearly two weeks ago which has taken the pain out of my buttocks which is gr8 news and my back pain even felt better but still having problems.
It is very painful at L4 down on both sides of my spine and am having problems with bending,sitting comfortably without pain an getting on an off the bed.
Also having cramp in the arches of my feet.

Would anybody know how long it takes for these injections to do their stuff if they are going to work?
Maybe i am wanting too much too soon.
I know it may not have been the facet joints that are my problem but my next appointment is in 3 months an i dont want to wait that long if they havent worked.

Had herniated disc at L4 in 2005 which apparently cured itself.
An severe back pain ever since.

Many thanks for any advice.

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