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Hi Shawley,
I am by no means a dr, but here is what I see when I read your report. First, the best thing is no, new, abnormal developments seen. Yah!! It sounds to me as if the disc narrowing they are talking about was already there. The reason I think that is because it says that the degree of disk space narrowing is more prominet on the previous study. So I would think that means it is not getting worse or it couldn't have been worse previously. I would guess that you are right, that it wouldn't get any narrower, but the previous damage would still show up cause it's still there. Hope this helps, just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions. Have a great one!! :wave:
Thanks Brenwill , you made me feel alittle better , my Dr. wanted me to have the xray because I was hering that crunching in my back with pain when I moved in my sleep,, I figured it was soft tissue or somthing not serouis ,..
I sent my Dr. my report.

Thanks Sherry1 , I see my doctor soon , Steroid injection on the 9th !

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