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Hi to everyone,

I am posting this to explain my situation and to see if anyone else has experienced this type of problem.

I have had lower back pain, upper left buttock and hip pain for a year now. No known injury, just came on all of a sudden. Last thing I was doing was the treadmill. Initially my doc was treating me for SI joint, pt, meds ect, but nothing was working. He finally did an MRI ( he did not think it was a disc because no leg involvement.) The MRI showed herniated disc L3/4 with annular tear. So I went thru 2 epidurals (which made the pain worse) .

He sent me to neurosurgeon (by this time I was experiencing only weakness and aching in my leg (no burning or stabbing ) He referred me to PT for traction, which made my pain worse. I also starting walking which made the weakness in my leg better. He was thinking the disc herniated on a nerve which was running thru my upper buttock and hip. ***However he is amazed that this disc is causing me so much pain because looking at the MRI he states the hernation is so small he cannot believe the radiologist picked up on it.

He then sent me for a x-ray for pars defect( which came back negative) and an EMG (which came back negative).So there goes his thought of disc being on the nerve.

I am now scheduled for a discogram which will show the disc and tear. Most of my pain is in my upper buttock and Hip, sometimes the lower back hurts but not like the hip and butt. Of course sitting is what aggrevates the hip and butt the most. The pain is always there (even on all the meds I have been on) but the meds do help keep it tolerable most of the time. Unless I have to sit for any length of time.

This pain is not shooting or stabbing, it is more of a deep hurting when I go to move. If I lean to that side or rotate to that side or lean back or forward, or when I stand from sitting, or sometimes when I roll over in bed, then the pain is extreme. If I remain still the pain is not there. And yes I have done the PT stretches, etc. Nothing seems to work.

I guess I am beginning to wonder if this is something else besides the disc. I guess the discogram will prove this. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had this problem or what else this problem could be. Sorry post is long, I just thought I would provide all the information I could. At this point I am beyond frustrated. My last job layed me off back in March, which was almost a relief because my line of work requires sitting most of the day. I thought it would get better when I was off but it did not. I really need to get back to another job, but I do not think I can until this problem is resolved.

Thanks in advanced for any help that you wonderful people could supply me with.


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