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I had a revision surgical fusion for a failed ACDF in April. I have been in therapy since June 5 and about 2 weeks ago the bottom of my good foot starting burning when I was in therapy. I got through it ok but the next day it burned when and wherever it touched something, like walking or on a footstool, at first it was only in the arch. It got pretty bad on that second day and by the evening it travelled up the back of my leg to my butt. I layed on the couch on my right side and it was somewhat better in the morning. I still feel it in the foot though and have favored it since. I had a Dr appointment 2 days ago and he seemed a little surprised, but just upped my nuerontin a little (1200 mg day). I'm just a little concerned since my right leg was hit hard by the myelopathy that the original cervical fusion was for, my gait already sucks and I dont know what it will be like if this is a nerve thing that progresses. And what the heck would cause that kind of symptom. I also have a shoulder problem that started about a month ago, same type of pain as before the original surgery, and it has calmed down too but is easily flared up with too much movement. Could they be connected? They're on the same side.

Are myelopathy/myomalacia progressive by nature, I've been dx'd with both, and would one of those be the likely cause?

Any ideas or advise would be appreciated.

Take it slow...Mike
Hi Mike:
I injured my back last May while working. Long story short, I have 5 herniated discs, some bulging, my EMG was positive and I have been shuffled from ortho Docs, to Neurosurgeons, to my Pain management Doc, and back again. Almost from the beginning, I experienced the same problem. At first, I felt as though I was walking on marbles. Then, the hot, searing pain started in the Right foot. I advised the neuro Doc of this, and of course, More MRI's were ordered. I also experienced severe numbness in my right leg, to the point of having the leg go completely dead, and while attempting to stand, (to help facilitate circulation) I fell, and fractured my Left Ankle) I thought that all of this was a result of the herniations leaning on the thecal sac of my spine, causing some kind of nerve disorder, or reaction. But, just recently, the foot started to swell. The more it swelled, the more pain I experienced. It has become quite unbearable, and I was told, by my pain management Doctor, that he believes I've developed a condition, known as RSD. This is a disorder that effects the nerves and causes tremendous pain. It is a result of another injury. It could be from your back injury, or it could be a result of an infection. They are really unclear as to what causes it. What they do know, is how devastating it can be, and the havoc it does wreak on your body. I am not saying that this is what you have, you could be experiencing the results of nerve damage from the surgery. Whatever is causing your problem, is definitely nerve related. That much, I do know. The neurologist or neurosurgeon should have the answers for you that you require, along with a course of treatment that will benefit you. As for the Neurontin you are taking, there is a new, and from the literature I have read, much better medication on the market ( also manufactured by the same company that makes the neurontin) called Lyrica. It is a wonder drug. I started to take it a couple of months ago, and I woke 5 days ago, with no swelling in my foot and the pain, cut down considerably. I do hope that you ask him about it, it most certainly is worth asking. I know how you are feeling, and the pain you're in. Please know that you are not alone, I think it sounds like a problem that has to do with nerve damage, and that the medication that you are on specifically for this problem might be changed to this new drug. It's worth a shot Mike. Please be patient with yourself, and try not to worry too much. This kind of pain is so horrible, and difficult to take on a daily basis. I hope that you are home and being taken care of. Try not to worry too much, there are answers out there for you. I'll keep you in my prayers and of course, keep a good thought for you. Hang in there.

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