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Well as many of you know I had my MRI on Mon. night and got my results yesterday at the pain center. Here are the results:
Desiccation of all lumbar intervertebral discs. Posterior disc bulges at L2/3 thru l4/5 levels which impinge upon the thecal sac.
A left laminotomy defect is now noted( I had micro-d may 1st) at L5-S1. Min scar tissue at left lateral aspect of spinal canal. A posterior disc herniation is present at this level which impinges on the left ventral aspect of the thecal sac and left S1 nerve root. The size has decreased relative to prior study. Min. bilateral facet hypertrophy is present at L5/S1. Small ventral and dorsal marginal osteophytes are noted at this level.

The rest of my spine is completely normal. But I think I either need to have a micro-d again or both fusion/micro-d. What do you think? I am now having lt leg weakness again too! I'm so upset and wish I didn't feel "married" to spinal surgery.

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