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As far as the results from having the child; I have no idea, I understand somewhat of what you are saying and that is it in that department.

Disc problems, perhaps. My S1-L1 are sitting on top of each other bone on bone, with a nerve caught between the 2 discs. The Spine Specalist said that is why you are in such pain. The L4-L5 are on top of each other as well. My back muslces are tighter than tight trust me.

He suggested that I go to a swimming pool to "Walk in" and then do a " jaquezie / SPA my spelling is probaly wrong but I think that you get the idea. Perhaps this might relieve some of the pain untill you can get in and see what is going on with your body.

I went to thepary after the injections that I had in my back . Three days later the therapist said that lets see how you are doing with flexability since your shots. She went to bring the knee towards my chest and the pain that you described X 10 hit me. I told her to put my leg down and that I was done.... She asked what was wrong and I told her that I almost want to cry; she said that she was sorry and if I was in that much pain it was time to go back and see the Nuero=surgeon and that was that. I have done no thepary since then and have just been trying to hang on till the surgery.

You know as well as I, that all this takes along time from making the appt and finaly seeing the doctor and throw in the insurance and it even takes longer some times...

I am going to try this starting next week; I am really starting to put some weight on. I sit at a desk most of the 8 hours at my job currently. He told me to take it as easy as I could till after the surgery and the healing begins.

This is just an idea untill you see your doctor.. I will let you know by the end of the week if this is helping me at all.

Please do not be scared; find out for sure and deal with the things that you can control and let the doctors do there best...

Good luck and try to be positive,


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