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Roy and Suzy-Q, thanks so much. When I look back, I think the start was actually when my son was born, 10 years ago. I had a horrible delivery, the doc yank and pulled on me, it was a forceps delivery, I couldn't touch my hips for weeks because of the pain, I felt bruised from my knees up to my pelvis. I also had a epidural, and the next day, my entire left leg was in horrible pain, the nurse seen that I was crying from agony, asked what was wrong, I told her, she said that sometimes they nick the sciatic nerve with the epidural and that the pain should go away in a day or two, well, it lasted 3 days, but ever since then, certain things would aggravate it, and it would feel like someone stabbing me in the butt cheek with a knife, not fun, and my ankle would get real hot. But, since the "hole" incident, its been downhill. Do you serioudly think that I could have a disk problem? I'm scared, but know that this is not right. I never had a MRI of lumbar, just of brain and cervical. I know one thing, I'll never walk that far again!!!! Thanks so much:wave:

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