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I know what you mean about the Sciatica pain and the muscle spasms!!! I have never experienced pain like this before and I have had numerous other surgeries over the years.

My Micro-D was on November 16th and I am still numb from my left leg starting at the knee going down the outer calf down the ankle and the top of my foot to the big toe and the second toe. Along with the numbness, I still can't lift my toes off the floor and I get the worst cramps in the back of thigh and my calf, not only at night but throughout the day as well.

I'm going to PT twice a week for ultrasound cortisone treatments on my foot/leg and stretches with light strengthening exercise for the lower back. My water therapy will start next week and I will probably go to that twice a week also. I stay so sore and hurtful all the time and I don't know if it is the PT or just pain from my surgery or previous injury.

I still have a problem doing anything for longer than 15 to 20 minutes, such as sitting in a reclined position, laying or standing in one place. Sitting in a straight back chair is totally still out of the question because of terrible pain in both the right and left side of my lower back (about where the dimples are) and my left leg/foot will start burning and stinging like crazy. It feels like they go to sleep and I feel the pins and needles thing going on.

I too am thoroughly disgusted and can't help but wonder when this will stop or even if it will. I feel so depressed. :confused: My neurosurgeon is about two hours away, (Charlotte NC) and he is suppose to be a top-notch doctor and he doesn't seem to be too concerned about these things still bothering me. I saw him again on January 3rd and he has put me off on going back to work until I see him again on February 5th when he reevaluates me again. I'm still taking Darvocet in the late evenings and sometimes I take a Flexeril for cramping.

Well enough already, sometimes I just need to vent I guess. I'm sure my husband and family are very tired of hearing about it so I try to hush up about it unless I'm having a really bad day. Thanks for listening and I sure hope we get better soon,

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