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I hope someone here can understand what I am going through.
I have terrible back pain off and on and I have yet to figure out the cause of it.

The pain is located just above my tailbone and it feels like a bone ready to know the point where a knuckle or your knee is about to crack? and you get that pain? well thats how this feels but it stays for days on end.

When I do get the pain (like right now) I am more or less useless! I cannot do anything.
Cant even stand up straight cause it hurts to try to straighten out all the way so I end up walking around like a hunchback or something.

I have tried to pay close attention to what I had done before to try to see what could be causing or triggering this but as of yet have no idea!!

I have had this problem for 2 yrs now and lately it comes on more often!
I just got over the pain and discomfort just last week with that episode lasting about 8 days and I finally felt normal again and could do things around the house.
BUT its back already and I am back to hobbling around the house!

I just took 2 robaxocet to ease the pain and hope that works, I dont usually take pills for personal reasons but this time I just had to.

Anyway, I was hoping that someone here could relate to this and to give me advice on how to deal with it.
Does anyone here know what I am talking about? or know what could be causing it/name of condition?

Thanx a bunch!!

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