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Can somebody help me interpret this MRI? And please don't tell me to talk to my doctor as I already have. Looking for some additional insight.

Also, very importantly, could this cause pain in my sit bones while sitting?


L5-S1: Disk degeneration with mild disk bulging. Small broad-based
central disk herniation focally more prominent along the right
Paracentral disk margin, where the disk herniation contacts and
effaces the perineural fats surrounding the proximal right Sl nerve
root, which is mildly displaced. Request correlation regarding right
Sl radiculopathy. While the left Sl nerve root contacts the posterior
border of the disk, there is no mass effect. The neural foramina are
normal. This level is otherwise negative.

The lumbar vertebrae and facets align normally. No compression
fracture or pars defect. The conus appears normal.


1. Mild disk bulging L5-S1 with a small broad-based central disk herniation focally more prominent along the right paracentral margin.
Here, the disk contacts the right Sl nerve root which is mildly displaced and there is obscuration of the perineural fat. Request correlation regarding right Sl radiculopathy.
Im not sure what you mean by "sit bones" but it certainly can cause nerve pain. short version is the disc is bulging and torn, and the torn spot is pushing against the nerves on the right side at L5-S1 level, pushing it out of place.

other than that the lumbar spine seems OK
Thanks. What I mean by sit bones pain is that I have pain when sitting. This pain is centered and radiates out from Ischael Tuberosities (sit bones) on both sides. I'm just wondering if this sitting pain is connected to the bulging disc?
If you don't have any pain shooting down the leg, past the knee, then this pain can also be caused by the disc degeneration at L5/S1. Pain can be referred to other places. Referred pain isn't the same as radiating. It is pain that can be felt in other areas but the source of the pain is somewhere else. So, if you don't have pain shooting down your leg(sciatica) then it could be referred pain due to the bad disc.
Hmmmm, according to the research I've done, I don't think it has to be shooting pain to be sciatica. I believe that numbness in the foot and calf pain are considered sciatica. at any rate, I'm just trying to figure out if my sitting pain can be caused by the S1 nerve and I can only find spotty evidence. My doctor doesn't think it is, but said not to rule it out.

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