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With all due respect, Blanchman - that's not necessarily true. A tear may not show up on an MRI but they can. Just because one doesn't show up though, doesn't mean it's not there. THEN you would need other testing.

I read your other post regarding your mri, Lees1, and the pain in your thoracic could very well be caused by your neck. Is your t-spine pain around your shoulder blades - upper shoulder blade between your spine and your blade? That's where my pain (horriffic pain - not able to breath pain) was. Even though I have some thoracic bulging, that pain was caused by my neck. I had C5/6 & 6/7 fused and that pain has diminished 90%.

My husband has 2 large schmorl nodes and when they happened it caused him pain but not now. He also was thrown off a horse and broke 3 ribs at the same time!

Your MRI report didn't mention the nodes, did it? I'll have to go back and look.

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