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Thank you for that help.
See my situation is that I have pain of course in the lower back, but only affects the the back and pain goes only the right side of the leg to the knee, see I can't or I can somewhat stand no longer then 30 min then I have to sit down, and when I sit for a peroid of time It starts to hurt and I have to stand, and when driving that is the worst it really hurts. It seems like to me a nerve is pinched, it also affects my hip were makes me limp just a little till it works itself out.
See I have went thru Phy thearapy and it did not help and I am still doing the exercise's but nothing, I think the Doctor thinks I'ts probally in my imaginenation but it's not and I am going thru VA for this and I am just totaly confused about whats wrong with my back.? if some one can tell me what I should do next I would be much apretiated.

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