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MRI report
Nov 30, 2006
I am new to this board but not spine pain. I had a 3 level fusion in my cervical spine in 1998. I was lucky it dropped my pain from 9 to 1 as long as I don't use my hands and arms for any length of time.

I now have back and sciatic problems. Started after a minor work injury about 20 years ago. I had 3 or 4 flare ups over the years. One bad bout in about 6 years ago. This time I have been laid up since March of this year. To top it off I had to have a (right knee)total knee replacement revision in June. I am very involved in aqua arobics and therapy. I only missed three weeks of my pool classes while recouping from surgery. Now comes my back. I was also diagnosed with bursitis in my right hip. Had a steriod injection that helped but not enough. Then had 3 weeks rest no pool, no nothing, still having pain. Things are better but I still don't have a life. I never know when or why it will flair up. I had a MRI and have the results. I was hoping someone could tell me it's nothing and it will just go away.

Conclusion: Mild diffuse annular buldge at L1-2 & L2-3. At L-1 there is a far right lateral small disc protrussion, which extends into the right L3 neural foreman and causes moderate narrowing, with possible mild L3 nerve effacement.

I think this means that I have a small herniated disc and pinched nerve. i guess what I want to know is. Will and epedural help with this or do I just wait until i can't stand up and then do something? Any ideas anyone?

I am in a sort of holding pattern with my ortho. He said he would see me last week but his receptionist wanted to wait for results before making my next appointment. I Have called his office 3 :mad: times and now I can't get in until after the 20 of Dec. I was so mad I told her to forget it I would just wait. I think I will write him a letter.

Thanks in advance for any ideas and or comments.


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