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I am in my mid 30's and female. I have been having trouble with my back for about a year and a half, maybe two years (maybe a little longer can't remember). It is always in the same exact area, the same type of pain, etc. It seems to come on for no apparent reason and leave the same way seemingly. It is at or above my kidney area on the back, right side. The pain ranges from annoying to drop you to your knees in each of those timeframes and from really sore muscle cramp feeling to stabbing searing pain). It does react to certain movement positions, etc like it were strictly muscular, but other times not any movement but sitting still and will go crazy. It does not go into my legs or anything, but this time and the last it has radiated through my ribcage area and into the shoulder area, because it is so intense. I have been to the ER twice and doctors multiple times. I have had my heart checked out before and that was not it (although I know things can change, pretty sure its not that). They always check for UTI or Kidney infections and most of the time I don't have those, they have checked for kidney stones, etc. nothing. Then say just say you are too fat and need to lose weight (which is true but give me a break...thats not the be all end all answer for every overweight person) give me muscle relaxers, pain meds, etc. They work very short term, but it comes back with a vengance. I do have cysts on my ovaries every so often but the OB/GYN says they should not cause that much pain, if any. I was involved in a car accident almost 2 years ago, but was not hurt then in my back besides seatbelt soreness and a sprained ankle (that we know of anyway). I feel awful while I am having these spells to the point of nausea sometimes even. PLEASE HELP ME....any thoughts or ideas for me to ask the doctor. I plan on going Monday if it has not calmed down significantly. I don't think they have checked for gall bladder stuff yet either. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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