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Its been a good month since I posted. My nerve pain post surgery has gotten a little better. I was supposed to take Lyrca but chose not to. I was told by my surgeon during this time to go back to my Injection Dr as well to see about another Injection as well. That Dr gave me an EMG test ( that was FUN!) to test my nerve and good news is no nerve damage. Both Drs feel the nerve is just irritated and will take time to calm down. I am scheduled to get an Epidural on Jan 8 to see if that will help some more. I finally get to go back to work next week. My pain is the worst in the AM when I am in bed. Once I get up and move around for a few hours I seem to be pain free. I sometimes take a half Norco to help.

Dear Brian, Glad to hear that you are progressing! I'm sure it is frustrating to have to get another injection, but if it calms down the nerve pain, that would be good. Do they do the epidural or the selective nerve root block? I was just at Waverly Surgery Center in November for Sacro Iliac injections. They went pretty well-I feel like I've been to that place so many times, the staff there all knows me well! Take care, and let us know how the injection goes. Kera4
[QUOTE=123dietdrpepper]Was this a selective nerve block by chance?[/QUOTE]

All I was told was that this is an epidural injection (which I have done several searches on), but upon doing a search for "selective nerve block", yes, this does appear to be the same thing.

We went in today and saw the doc that did the injection. He says the reason my husband is having so much more pain now is because he broke up some of the scar tissue during the procedure for the injection. He ordered another MRI to rule out anything else, but he believes the pain stems mainly from nerve damage and what he did with the scar tissue. My dh is scheduled for another injection in a couple of weeks and the doc plans to break up more of the scar tissue which in effect will likely cause even more pain. To combat this, they have decided to put him back on Lyrica (or other drugs if the Lyrica doesn't work). THEN, if the nerve doesn't eventually calm down, they want to insert a nerve stimulator.

Ugh...dear God, does it ever end? :mad: :(

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