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HI Suzy,

I'm sorry you are going through all that. I know it's very scary and frustrating! I had severe stenosis in my lower back plus disc herniations & got to the point I could no longer walk upright. I had severe spasms in my lower back, legs, even my feet would cramp up (sometimes while driving which was quite worrisome). But then, I assume from walking and sitting in such a bent over position for so long, the spasms spread over into my upper back, neck, arms, hands and even into my neck and face. I guess it was due to so much strain being put on my upper body. I never got dizzy, but I was getting palpitations, and tremors in various parts of my body (in my arms, my legs...and the weirdest thing, felt like my insides in my upper body were tremoring). Now since i've surgery for the stenosis, just about every symptom I had has gone away. (I still get some mild spasms in my lower back but it's nothing compared to the way they were before). In my case, I think it was pain and stress overload that my body could barely handle any more.

With the L'Hermitte's Sign, I do not know if it's caused only by one or the other (nerve root or spinal cord compression), but I did find several things that can cause this sign:

MS, Chiari malformation, cervical spondylosis, cervical disc herniations, spinal cord tumors, vitamin B12 deficiency, and from myelpathy that occurs after radiation

So from this list, I would think that it could be caused by either type of compression.

In my opinion (of course im not a doctor or anything), if all your symptoms are getting worse over time, you should do whatever you can about it (even if it comes down to another surgery, which I know is dreadful - I just faced possibly needing another surgery 3 months after my spine surgery though luckily just found out I dont need it) The worst thing is if you have compression for too long, it could possibly cause permanent damage and never feel 100% again, even after surgery. So please think about all your options.

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