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Do I sound that pitiful and depressed???

1982 Fusion with bone from hip s1/s2 for transitional vertebrae (no disc between vertebrae), no hardware

**************PAIN FREE UNTIL 2003****************
Being the stupid individual that I was, I did a catwalk. All fours on the floor, back facing the ground, back arched, walked cross the floor except this nut did not make it - heard a pop.

Pain - Back and Right sciatica

Saw general practioner for one year and was treated with PT, Steroids
Pain Pills and muscle relaxers. Had MRI showed spinal stenosis. Finally, at my husbands insistance I visited spinal clinic.

Tried epidural injections, narcotics, more pt, 2nd MRI and Cat Scan. Revealed previous fusion and severe stenosis of L5.

Surgeon was undecisive about doing laminenctomy alone or with a fusion. We agreed to go with the lessor of the two.

May 2006 - Laminectomy (6 hour surgery) - Not 100% after the surgery, sciatic pain remained in right thigh (surgeon said normal healing)

Sept 2006 - Loading dishwasher severe back pain, fell to the floor. Right leg pain greatly increased down to the foot.

Tried epidural injections, narcotics, oral steroids, raflen, more pt, 3rd MRI.

Pain has continued despite treatment. Surgeon concerned whether 2 levels need to be fused with hardware instead of one level. Did selective nerve block with steroid injections 1 1/2 week ago. L5 is the root of the problem. At the hospital surgeon stated, if I had no relief he wanted to proceed with fusion of L5.

2nd surgeon has reviewed records and recommends spinal fusion of L5.

Leg Pain - right leg pain - sharp, pulsating down right buttock, leg, calf, and foot. Right leg collapses. Since selective nerve block, leg at times feels like its spongy when walking.

Having slight intermittment pain in left thigh.

Sitting - unable to sit for long periods. Frequently if I lean forward it helps or recline in a chair

Driving - Back pain greatly increases and then when getting out of vehicle, sometimes legs will collapse or severe shooting pains. Remainder of day will be extremely painful.

Standing - Unable to stand on feet for any length of time. Back and leg pain increase. Have found if I lean forward pain is reduced. Specifically leaning on a counter or grocery cart is very helpful.

Laying down - Can't lay on right side period. Up and down all night. Back cramping and achy.

I should include that my brother is in a wheelchair from botched L5 surgery 15 years ago. I only add this not to tell his horror story but that it does play with my mind in regards to any scheduling any procedures for myself. It definitely makes me think twice.

So that is my story! Nothing to exciting!! It does sound like we have alot in common and I do appreciate you listening.

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