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Shawley, I don't have a burning pain. The pain I get is hip pain, outer leg pain from hip to knee, spasms the back of my thigh, knee pain (no reflexes in my knee either), and I have numbness from my knee to ankle in front of lower leg. (which has been like that since my disc ruptured 2 years ago). My lower back pain is now minimal, more just like a bad backache when I have overdone it. That I can handle compared to how it was before. Does any of this sound like what you have gone through?? I want someone to tell me that this is normal healing, sometimes it takes people longer, (my last surgery was a year ago) and that I am going to improve and be fine. K? That would be great if you want to tell me that. (at this point, I wouldn't care if someone told me that and was lying! :-) )
I will keep you in my prayers too Shawley. Sounds like you have been through alot too!

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