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Re: Zanaflex
Jan 6, 2007
Hi there... I feel silly asking this, but how does sciatica cause muscle spasms? I thought any pain going down your legs from the sciatic nerve was simply that, even though sometimes it feels like a charlie horse. So my muscles really are knotting up a bit and it's just not the sensation of it?

Does that make sense? :confused:

Re: Zanaflex
Jan 6, 2007
Unfortunately, the muscle gets irritated by the sciatic nerve and that causes muscle spasms, and the spasms irritate the nerve, and so it becomes cyclic. Also trigger points are created by the spasms. Somehow the fascia (the layer of tissue that wraps around your muscle*) gets oxygen deprived (that's how they explained it to me) and the trigger points also create muscle cramping.

My sciatica sometimes feels like an extreme charley-horse, especially in my calve muscle.

I had a series of trigger point injections, to release the trigger points and stop spasm. Still have the sciatica, still have the severe calve cramping.

It's the pits!!

(*You can see the fascia on a raw chicken. It's that very thin tissue that seems to be around the muscle under the skin.)

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