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I was wondering if anyone has had this procedure. Rhizotomy were they burn the nerves to try to get some pain relief. I had this done in September. I did get some relief from leg pain but still have alot of lower back and buttocks pain. About 3 weeks ago I started to have a constant ache in my thigh and now I get these weird sensations kinda like pins and needles down my leg. I wonder if this is the nerve regenerating or something new. I have bilateral pars defect. DDD and spondiathies(spelled wrong sorry) grade 2. I am on loratab 7.5 every 4 hours and flexerial. Dr. wants to do surgery to stablize the spine. He told me early December that when I could not take the pain anymore and was basically tired of the whole pain and limited mobility he would do the surgery. Was discussine the dynesis procedure. Anyway sorry I was rambling. Has anyone experienced this from a rhizotomy

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