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I was wondering if anyone has had this procedure. Rhizotomy were they burn the nerves to try to get some pain relief. I had this done in September. I did get some relief from leg pain but still have alot of lower back and buttocks pain. About 3 weeks ago I started to have a constant ache in my thigh and now I get these weird sensations kinda like pins and needles down my leg. I wonder if this is the nerve regenerating or something new. I have bilateral pars defect. DDD and spondiathies(spelled wrong sorry) grade 2. I am on loratab 7.5 every 4 hours and flexerial. Dr. wants to do surgery to stablize the spine. He told me early December that when I could not take the pain anymore and was basically tired of the whole pain and limited mobility he would do the surgery. Was discussine the dynesis procedure. Anyway sorry I was rambling. Has anyone experienced this from a rhizotomy

Thanks for your feedback
Hi! I have had the rhizotomy on lower lumbar L3, L4 and L5 two times. When the first one wore off (after about 6 months) I just got the same buttocks/lower back pain that I had had previously. That is how I knew it wore off. I did not have pain down my leg. I could see how you could get that pain though, especially if your joints are narrowed and impinging on something. My doctor did tell me that the second time you do the rhizotomy, you often get longer relief. In my case the second one has lasted 8 months. I hope that helps! Kera4

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