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Defiantly sounds like sciatica...I've been battling it regularly for 6 months now and had surgery 3 months ago...still have problems though. Symptoms of sciatica are: burning...shooting pain across the butt, and down the leg. It may be worse when standing, but the thing to remember is that everyone has different symptoms, but the burning shooting pain is the common one. You may not have any back pain at all. The pain may develop into numbness, tingling, and weakness down the leg. S1 nerve compression: symptoms are...pain/numbness across your butt and around your hip, then down the back of the leg directly behind your knee-cap; then, down the Achilles tendon to the heel and over the outside of the foot to the little toe.

The 1st thing the Dr or PT will do is test your reflexes and do a straight leg raise. In the early stages of sciatica, the nerve is usually really inflamed so you may not be able to raise the leg very far. 800 mg of IB works very well. Heat packs will help the blood flow to the lower back this may increase recovery time.

Things to really think about: Sciatica is a result of a pinched nerve in the lumbar back...this could be due to a number of things but most likely due to the narrowing of the space in the back between the spinal cord and vertebrae. Some people are genetically predisposed to this, some people actually herniated the disk effectively reducing the free space for the nerve to move around. In either case...this is a long term condition and although the symptoms may go away in few weeks, eventually they will return. Core exercises, stretching and strengthening the mid section as a NEW way of life are important. If you read this forum you will find that sciatica can be debilitating if not taken seriously. Surgery is not the end-all-be-all, it will not put you back where you were before and the scar tissue from the surgery may make the pain worse. Find a good PT and maybe even a chiropractor. Good luck!

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