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From what I understand of spondy in general it is a bone desease, right?
How is it posable to contract a bone desease thats more common in children then adalts from lifting boxes?

I was at work on 8/21/06, off-loading the semitruck when it started to rain. My manager asked me to help the driver push a pallet on a pallet jack up to the back door. ( maby 2000lbs up a 45% angle slope for 5 feet) the driver went to sit in the truck and take a break. I squeezed between the pallet and the wall and started handing boxes, about ground level left to chest hight on the right. I felt some back discomfert, but kept going, it got worse and I told my friend and manager that my back hirt and we needed to hurry up because I need to take a break for a few min after we get done. About 15-20min later I was in the restroom and noticed somthing in my urine that should not have been their. I told my friend, who said he thought I had a hernia.

My first MRI was on 9/5/06 , minimal disc bulgeat the L4-5 level

PT & pain meds, doctor said it was a bulging disc and on a scale of 1-10 it was a .5 or a 5, cant rember...

In PT they had me doing sitting squats or whatever and I felt somthing like cartlage grinding in my back, my lower back muscles started to twitch and tighted uncotrollably, and for the rest of the day I had constent pain throughout my back. I rember calling the insurance company for my work damb near in tears asking to speek to a manager they refered me to a specialest.

At the specialest office they did a Xray and my new orthopedic specialest pointed at the exact spot of pain in my back, and then explained that I had spondy-something-or-other. He recomended more PT and medicine, later a bonescan to see if it was ( New? or Not healing? not sure what its for). Physical theropist said that my injerys are to savere for them to treat, and he could not explain why my back hirts this much but that my range of motion was within normal limits. My specialest ordered a second MRI to see if anything was missed or overlooked or maby for a follow up to the bone-scan?

1/8/07 MRI:
L4-5 minimal disc bulge evident with flattening of ventralthecal sac and no change when compaired to the previous exam. their is mild facet hypertrophy with fluid signal present within the bilateral facet joints, right greater then left. no marrow edema present. clinical correlation required.

:confused: what the hell does all that mean for me in lamens terms plz?

On 1/12/07 my specialest whom everyone holds in high regards then told me that he does not think my injery worrents the amount of pain in my back, and that he can't explain the pain I'm having. He said he was requesting a transfer of my care to the insurance company and proscribed me to pain management.

I'm 24 with no previous back problems, when I ask my mother what I should do she says call your loyer. When I call my loyer he says thats information for your doctor. I have no idea what I'm saposed to do, how do I get my back fixed?

PS: constently crouched forward, standing upright hirts and I get sharp pains in my back that I can feel are behind my abdomen when I try to lean back... I get sharp pain in my right knee and groin as well as inner thigh. tingleing feeling / pins and needles below the knee in my right leg and in my left foot, theirs somthing wiggeling behind my knee in my legs calfs thighs and back seemingly random ( maby muscle spasms? )

again I'm 24 and walk slower then a snail will I be able to excersise again, what the heck is happening to my back, and how do I fix it and lose the pain at the same time????????????????????????

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