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OK people I need your wisdom again. I had my L4-L5 S/1 fusion on 1-10-07,
Most of my back and leg pain has eased a bit. The only pain I am experiancing now is of course the incision pain, some back pain, and a lot of nerve pain in my lower left leg and foot. It feels like its on fire most of the time and painful to touch. I never had this kind of pain before surgery, pain was usually limited to numb tingley, and some times pins and needles, but never burning like it is now. Is it possible that this is just because of the trauma of the surgery and it well go away with time? I noticed it as soon as I woke from surgery and it really has not changed too much, sometimes its not as bad, sometimes it feels icy cold. Its the only real concern I have. My right side feels terrific! There was some nerve pain after surgery, but it has gotten better. Is there medicine I can take to relieve this pain? My percocet doesnt touch it. Thanks in advance for all of your words of wisdom and experiance.

Porter, I dealt with that same burning in my foot, and it went up to my knee. It is nerve pain, and the inflammation from surgery is aggravating it. Nerves have a memory(I did not know that). That pain increased depending on the position I was laying in, and it woke me up out of my sleep. My Dr. put me on Medrol Dose Pack, which is a low dose steroid taken for 6 days. I felt immediate relief, but when the medicine was done, the pain returned. Dr. put me on it again. Thank goodness the second dose helped immensely!!!!! The pain has subsided, now I can sleep. The pain is still there, but it is tolerable. To help relieve the stress on the joints, try putting a small pillow between your knees. I found that a pillow just on the knee joints was a great help. I even bought a body pillow so that I could rest the entire leg on it, and that helped during the night. Dr. said that it is too soon to be put on any long term nerve pain meds. Call your Dr. and make him/her aware of the pain you are having, and maybe ask about the Medrol Dose Pack, or something else to help with that.
Hey Porter! Sorrry you are having pain! It will get better ( I promise ) I had similar pain after my fusion but in my right leg from buttock to knee. It is nerve pain ( ugh ) that's why it hurts to touch. Do call your doctor and let them know what is going on! If you have not called them already, give them a quick call right now and let them know. I don't know if it is too early for nerve pain meds, but mine put me on lyrica 10 days ago ( I am 5 wks post op ) and it seems to be helping. Just remember that you are just so freshly out of major surgery!! How are you sleeping? Are you putting pillows between your legs? Are you able to get in and out of bed? Are you walking a little bit with the walker? I know by next week you will be feeling a bit easier than you are now!! remember that you are strong!!!!! I hope you get a little bit of relief! Let us know how you are!! sending hugs.:angel:


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