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Hi, This is my first time to the messageboard and new to the community as well. I am a woman in my mid 30's who has 2 children. I am in basically good health & very physically active. About 10 years ago I started having lower back pain after the birth of both of my children. The pain did not start right away but a few years after their birth I can remember the pain being there, no major trama or injury that I can remember.
The pain has become progressively worse in the last few years. I was always told in the past that sometimes after receiving an epideral that it can can cause some discomfort afterward, I assumed that the pain that I was feeling was the price that I paid for electing to receive the epideral during delivery of my children & I tried to live with it. Two years ago the pain increased so much that I decided to seek help other than my family doctor. I went to a local group referred by my family doctor. They gave me an MRI and since nothing showed up like a disc problem & after in depth description of my pain and symptoms they think that I have an SI Joint problem (maybe it has pulled apart). I went through physical therapy to try to rebuild the mucles in my back. Then the physician did a "live xray" and put injections in my back to try to relieve some of the pain. Nothing helped, not the exercises, not the injections, not the pain meds (I was in pain once again when I woke up). None of it did any good, I was still suffering. The physicain told me that I would just have to deal with it or the only other option down the road was to have screws placed in my back to try to fix it. That would work only if it was the SI joint & they really couldn't tell from the MRI, it was something that if it worked & fixed the problem and that would mean that the si joint was what the problem was all along; if not I would have to live with the pain & continue with the physical therapy and try to manage the pain. I was so frustrated, disguisted & terrified at the idea of implanting screws in my back that I just stopped going to the doctor all together. I thought to myself that I would try to deal with it in my own way. I have a very high tollernce for pain and I thought that I could just push it aside and live the rest of my busy life; if I didn't give into it that I could ignore it and try to forget about it as much as possible. I suffered in silence for a really long time. I was still hurting but my priority was to be a wife, mother and I have a business to run along with other family issues and obligations. I didn't have time to be sick & in pain. One of the reasons that I stopped going to the doctor was I was so terrified of the surgery, knowing that it had a great possability of not helping my problem but could even create more issues than what I already had going on. I couldn't wrap my brain around how I could function in my life and deal with more pain than what I was already in, I didn't think that I could take any additional pain. I thought that I am stronger than this, so I tried to suck it up with what I had and not to complain about it. I didn't want to take the pain meds because I didn't want to be "out of it" with my kids, they needed a mom not some zombie in mommy's body. I didn't want to sleep all day, I am a full-time mom and I work a full-time job.
After a couple more years of it increasing more & more I have reached my limit. The pain is always there and it never leaves but somehow it does manage to get worse. I am still astonished at how it does get worse but there it seems to find a new extreme. I live a very active life but find myself trying to avoid anything that I know will just put the pain through the roof. I used to could suck it up and push it aside and go on but now I can't even do that anymore. I am so upset that it is affecting my lifestyle, I can't do the things with my kids that I am determined to do. I am not talking about rock-climbing or pole vaulting. I am dying while sitting on the bleachers at my kids basketball games. I dread going and it killing me inside that I can't enjoy going with my family! Its affecting my state of mind, I hate this part of my life and resent my body for making me feel this way.
I am seeking help, I have decided not to return to the doctor that I had before because I don't think that he really listened to my concerns and our relationship was not the right fit. I think that I am open to treatment now, and including surgery if need be. But I want to feel comfortable with my doctor hearing my concerns and for us to be on the same page with options. I am seeking advice on helping me through this journey. I know that other people must have gone through similar situations. I would like suggestions on how to find the right doctor, questions to ask, test to have done, & how to be properly diagnosised. I have some done lots of reading and research & I do think that my problem is probably the sacroiliac joint. But there is a multitude of different things that it could be associated with that diagnosis. There must be a better way to diagnose than guessing. If there is anyone who could help steer me through this process, I would be most appreciative & any advice would be welcomed.
Here are some of my symptoms..... my pain is in my lower back, right at the base of my spine deep into the tissue and right in the middle of my spine (not the left or right of it). It is a very sharp, dull-aching constant extreme pain. It increases when I walk for any distance, stand on a hard surface (concrete or marble floors), or that I sit on a hard surface. After any of these actions, the point of my pain becames "inflamed" and the pain is INTOLERABLE, then I have a sharp razor-like sensation that tingles and feels like fire runs across my hip and down my thigh. (that pain sometimes in on the left hip and other times on the right hip). When it gets irritated or inflamed, it feels like the "tissue point" of the start of my pain is swelling through the skin in my back. My husband says that sometimes he can see it swelling (of course I am face down sobbing on the bed). I am dying in pain & I don't know what to do, I am only more frustrated that the doctors that I have seen in the past don't know what to do either. The only time that I get any relief is when my husband does a "deep tissue" massage on the area. It doesn't go away its like the pressure from the massage just relieves some of the pain. My husband is gettting artrisis in his hands from rubbing my back. I beg him to put as much pressure as he can on the pain, he says that he is afraid he is going to fracture something & I think to myself that it couldn't be any worse than what I already feel.
I am at my wits end, this is ruining my quality of life & I don't know what to do anymore. I appologize for the long post but not sure where to go for help or how to start.

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