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Hi, I have sciatica so I can relate to your pain. I have a protruding disc and a degenerative disc so I know what my problem is. L4 and L5 are messed up. I have stabbing and burning pain in the buttocks, and pain going down my leg into my calf and somtimes down to my ankle. My foot sometimes tingles also it can drive you crazy. I get little relief it hurts on a scale of 1-10 about a 5 most days.

I tried the drx-9000 for a week, but couldn't afford to go 6 weeks which is what the chriopractor recommended for me to see the benefits. the cost is unreal $4,200.00 and insurance does not cover it. So I'm holding out for a little longer. I try to ice it, which I would rather put heat on it, but they told me that only causes swelling. I wish I had more helpful information. take care



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