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Hi everyone. I have been feeling a burning pain in my left shin.. It comes and goes, and hurts as bad as a 5 on a scale of 1-10 sometimes. But my back does not hurt right now, but I know that I have bulging discs and mild DDD in my lower spine. Could this be sciatica where I only feel pain in the shin? I dont feel the radiating pain through my leg.. Just burning pain in the shin..

God Bless,

Same here. I am hoping that it is temporary, but this kind of pain did not surface until after surgery. The pain I had in my right leg is gone, but I have a constant burning, tingling, aching pain in my left leg. It starts at my lower back and radiates to the left leg and foot. It hurts very much to even touch that area. I am just about to finish my Medrol Pack (only 2 pills left) but the pain has not let up for a minute. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is only temporary. Heck I can barely walk because of the pain in that leg! Anyway, if there are any other remedies out there, please share them (medications that I can ask my physician for...) I hope and pray everyone becomes pain-free soon. God Bless!


You are dead on about L3 L4 being the cause of the shin burning. Mine actually got worse after surgery. For the first two days post surgery I felt good except for the surgical site. Two days later the hip, thigh, knee and shin stuff kicked in with a vengance. While I was in recovery, the surgeon went out and told my family that the discectomy went well and the back should heal fine, her problem is going to be her right leg and it will take time to resolve. I've started pt, I have minimal pain on the inside of my hip sometimes, mostly now is just the whole knee, the burning on the inside of the shin and the numbness on the outside of the shin. Thank God that the burning has eased up, while I first had it I couldn't even stand for air to hit my leg. There is still a burning sensation there but it is no longer hyper- sensitive. I was supposed to go back to work by March 19th after the Feb. 26th surgery but because of the nerve pain and leg weakness, the MD has taken me out until the end of this month. Pooby, I hope they can come up with something to help you soon. I can't imagine feeling like this for 2 and a half years. That is a long time to be in constant pain. Are you on nerve meds like lyrica, gabapenten or cymbalta? The last two have really helped me. I started to ease off of them last week to see where I really am in the healing game, big mistake! By the second day and night with no sleep I started my regular doses right back up. Gosh, I feel so bad for you. Do you ever get relief from it? By the way, what is the difference between being able to fix it or needing to fix it at that pain level on the right as opossed to the left. I don't get it. Usta:wave:

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